Let Me Introduce You…3

Let Me Introduce You … Part 3

 You have already met my main breeding flock, but I have a few other members to introduce you to…


Angus: This lovely boy is a son of Charlie’s from last season.  I had lots of little boys left over from my experiment into offering pullets and once this lad hit about 15 weeks old, he stood right out.  In comparison to his other brothers, he was remarkably handsome: he was much taller, completely black and his feathers had a higher gloss to them, his comb was bigger and more red and his eyes were big and his face more appealing.  I watched him closely to see if his behaviour matched his good looks and I was so happy to see him defending hens from his brothers and respecting his father’s space and authority.  I even watched him show some hens some treats and allowing them to eat before himself.  There was no way he was leaving us, I would keep him, I didn’t know the how’s of keeping another rooster, but I would figure it out.  His brothers are gone now and he and his father run the main coop together, he continues to respect his father’s authority and by doing so, Charlie tolerates him very well.  I think it is important to have your main roo “teach” a willing new cockerel his ways, so that if something were to ever happen to him, you have a good replacement.  Charlie is an exceptional rooster and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to have him nurture his own offspring to hopefully be almost as good as he is.  I have ordered a new bloodline of Ameraucanas from another breeder and hope to have a new line with Angus next season.  This season I may use Angus to help out with some Olive  Easter Egger chicks.  Unfortunately for all the other hens in the coop, Angus has a serious girlfriend, and you’ll meet the lucky lady in a moment.


Seamus:  Last year we had a lovely Splash Maran rooster named Ragnar, he was a gorgeous boy and we bred him to a few of our Ameraucanas and we hatched the most beautiful Olive Easter Egger chicks.  Early in the season I went out to the garage in the morning and very sadly found Ragnar dead in his bedtime crate.  We were all devasted, and I had no warning that anything was wrong with him.  His offspring all grew into amazing birds, his girls were beautiful and his boys were all big, strapping lads who each were gentle and sweet.  I sold all his boys to good homes and easily found homes for his girls.  When you cross a black feather to a splash feather you get a blue feather every time, and they all proved to be stunning, I wanted to have another Splash Maran roo, but they are not that common, or easy to find. As the Law of Attraction would have it, a lady contacted me via my ad for Guardian Roosters to purchase an Ameraucana rooster, but she had a proposal, she had a few Splash Maran roosters and wondered if I’d do a trade.  So, this is how Seamus found his way to our place.  He is a bit of an odd duck, he doesn’t have much of a personality, but he is very gentle, not at all aggressive.  He is very tall and lanky and has lovely powder blue legs.  He does not like being held and it is no fun carrying him from place to place because he is very strong and likes to flap his giant dragon wings, I can’t believe he hasn’t knocked out one of my teeth yet, although he has given me a few fat lips 😁  I called him Seamus because he absolutely loves clovers and I wanted to give him a proper Irish name. Hopefully he will not be too much of an oaf and he can get the job done so we can hatch out some lovely OEE chicks this season.


Dottie:  We got this little lady when we got Ragnar, she is a Blue Maran and she is tiny, but boy can she lay a big egg.  She is a funny little hen and a complete slag!  We forgot how beautiful she was until after her moult this past fall 😆. We matched her with Charlie last year for some Olive Egger chicks and all of her hatchlings were boys, and ironically they were enormous!  Her boys were also gorgeous, as they were blue, but also had layering feathers of various shades of tan and yellow.  They were also very sweet and gentle and I can’t wait to hatch out some more of her babies this season.  Side Note: It is winter and her Hen Apron is already tattered!


Raven: This lady is Charlie’s very first baby.  Originally we had Charlie, then we got him 2 Easter Egger hens to keep him company.  When spring came we thought it’d be fun to hatch a few eggs, so we built an incubator with a lobster cooler and Raven was the first chick we hatched.  Her mother was a real character!  We had to re-home her because she thought she was the Supreme Leader and would not let anybody into the brand new coop, she would chase them all out.  Not only that, but she would not let Charlie leave her side, if he’d leave, she would through down an epic female tantrum and he’d come running back.  I needed him for breeding, so she had to go!  When Raven gets her spot on the top roost and some brave hen makes the mistake of sitting beside her, she reminds me of her mother as she pitches that poor hen off the roost! Raven does not contribute to our breeding program because she is a hybrid, but she lays lovely green/blue eggs.


Elvira:  Last season I had one Ameraucana pullet left over and I kept her for myself.  I wanted to see how our Ameraucana line turned out, and she has grown to please me.  She is tall and all black and a really good looking girl, she has started to lay ahead of her mom and aunts and her eggs are a lovely blue.  She presents herself as a sweet hen to me, but I think her coop mates would strongly disagree.  At the end of the day, I finish by cleaning out the coop in preparation for the next day, while I am doing this the hens are sorting themselves out on the roosts.  I dare say each night I have a bit of a chuckle watching her be a complete be-ach to the other hens, particularly the Welsummers. Some of the Welsummers group up on the drop board of the roost at bedtime and I noticed there was a lot of screaming and flapping, and then I witnessed what was going on.  Elvira would jump on the board, lower her head and like a raging bull she runs towards the Wellies, ploughing them off the board like a bowling ball with legs.  She does this every night, then the next day, when I come out to the pen, she runs out to greet me and lets me pick her up and give her a hug.  What can I do?


Annie:  The moment has now come, please meet Annie, Angus’s one true love!  Annie is one of Ragnar’s babies, I was so sad to lose him and I had lots of reservations for OEE pullets, but I wanted to keep just one of his girls, and she is the one I kept and she is truly a gift.  She is and always has been an absolute sweetie, she lets anyone pick her up and give her hugs, she is such a baby.  She is also Angus’s one true love!  They are always together and at dusk he sneaks past his dad in the coop and sits up beside her on the roost.  When I come in to take him to his crate at night, he tries to look inconspicuous so he can stay with her for the night, it is hilarious!  Annie won’t be contributing to our breeding program because she is a hybrid, but she lays beautiful olive green coloured eggs.  I can only hope that Seamus can help us offer OEE chicks as lovely as Ragnar did ☺


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