Season’s End and Planning a New Beginning

All of this season’s chicks are growing out beautifully and with excellent health.

The 3rd batch hatched out in June is still a few weeks away from me being able to sort the males from the females, fingers are crossed that the female numbers are good.

The remaining cockerels from the first batch are maturing quickly and already starting to crow, which caught me a bit off guard.  They have also been eager to prove that each should be alpha, so we have put them in a seperate pen to keep things civil on the farm.

This season has been a learning season, we had an idea of what we wanted to do, but you have to jump in with both feet and see if it will work.  I really enjoy raising the chicks through, but it has proven a bit much and space is challenging.

Our outlook will change next season as our priority will switch to offering straight-run chicks and not pullets and selected roosters.

This shift also provides new opportunities, by not raising the birds out, we gain more space to offer more diversity.  This past Sunday we made a trip up to Londonderry, NS to pick up 14 Welsummer and 12 Black Copper Maran chicks from Katy Tochette.


This season we had great difficulty in acquiring female silkies, so we sold what we had and decided that we would not be moving forward with them in our future plans.

We are very excited about next season’s potential as we hope to be offering heritage bred : Black Ameraucanas, Welsummers, possibly Blue Copper Marans and this season’s popular Olive Easter Eggers.

With all these exciting new plans for next year, our website will be getting updated over the winter.  Check in with us in January folks and enjoy the rest of your warmer months.

Down by the Bay Backyard Poultry