Busy Days

The last batch for pullets hatched on June 11 and it was a very successful hatch. ¬†Out of 24 eggs 22 hatched, one chick died being hatched with some internal organs outside it’s body ūüė¶ ¬†Otherwise, 21 healthy chicks.


I am now settling into my reality of having a lot of chickens to look after! ¬†I also have Welsummer, Maran and Ameraucana chicks arriving over the next month to add to my breeding flocks for next season. ¬†Fear is starting to settle in of where am I going to put all theses little lovelies. ¬†Sometimes in life we just have to let things work themselves out, and they usually always do…. At least that is what the little voices in my head are telling me ūüėČ

I can now start to identify some/most of the Ameraucana pullets and start to organize pick-up for them to go to their new homes, happy for me as I can gain back some more space, (and promptly fill it again). I tried to take nice pictures with them, but they’d have none of it, I’ll have to get a bit more creative.

Our Ameraucana female numbers are a bit better then our OEE numbers. ¬†All in all, I will still have a lot of little Roos to fall in love with, then unfortunately have to later on decide the fates of ūüė¶

I am currently collecting my last batch of eggs for the incubator to fill reservations for straight-run chicks.

I’ll post more pictures as summer goes on.



They Grow Up So Fast

Our first batch is almost 8 weeks old and they are growing fast.  The OEEs turned out beautifully and I was able to easily distinguish the males from females at about 6 weeks.  Below is a picture of an OEE cockerel on the left and a pullet on the right.  The cockerels are larger in size and have a more prominent comb.


We had only 8 OEE chicks in the first batch and 4 were cockerels, as such I will only be filling one reservation with that batch.

The Ameraucanas are not as easy to tell apart yet at this stage, currently I have 3 that I am certain are pullets and several that I am just not quite sure about. ¬†We have several cockerels who are obvious as their prominent combs are evident, they are larger and have thick legs and big feet. ¬†There are a few Ameraucanas that are small, have a small/flat comb, but have thick¬†legs, big feet and big heads, so I can’t easily say they are females or males.

Depending how the next 4 weeks go, if it is still difficult to say with certainty that individuals are pullets or cockerels, we will probably not be offering Ameraucana pullets next season, straight run only.

The picture below shows a pullet on the left and a cockerel on the right


The second batch of chicks will be 4 weeks old this coming Tuesday and will be outside in another week. As I sit here writing this, I can hear them downstairs carrying on, making a ruckus, and I am looking forward to moving them out ūüôā

The OEEs in that group will be variant as a few are the remaining stock from Ragnar, some are from our Blue Maran hen and a few from Cletus our Welsummer roo.  There are 9 OEEs in that group and 8 Ameraucanas.


We currently have 24 eggs in the incubator which should be hatching on June 6.  The numbers were a little closer this batch, I  believe there are 11 OEEs and 13 Ameraucanas.  This will be the final batch for pullet reservations.

Next we are ordering Welsummer hatching eggs from Dan Smith in Alberta to form our breeding hens for next season.

We attended the Spring Poultry show in Borden-Carlton on the May long weekend and were able to purchase 5 Silkie chicks.  We have also ordered some Silkie chicks from NB as well.  Hopefully we will get some females from those 2 batches so that we can meet requests for Silkie chicks next season.

While we were there, we picked up a new family member, a 4 day old Piligram gosling.  We named her Rosie and when she is big enough, she will be joining our resident goose, Jessy, and the 3 Pekin Ducks: Walter, Joan and Oliver.


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